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Why list your data on the Intrinio Platform?

Intrinio has worked hard to build relationships with thousands of investors and developers. Each day, dozens of new users create an account on Intrinio and subscribe to one or more of the APIs and use dozens of applications to access the data. Our users trust us because our terms, support, documentation, and response to their concerns are sincere; we really do believe that financial data should be affordable and easy to access. If you want your data to be sold in a marketplace that values developers and investors, partnering with Intrinio puts a team of financial experts and development pros to work monetizing your data. Whether you have a niche financial dataset and are looking for help creating your first API or you are an established firm looking to get in front of new developers, Intrinio has the infrastructure and client base to make it happen.

What are we looking for?

We need financial data providers who believe restricting access to data and charging outrageous fees is a sure-fire way to motivate someone else to replicate that data. Intrinio's data providers want to harness the power of developers to create applications with their data, locking in a secure revenue stream from a financial tool built using their API. The Intrinio Financial Data Platform makes mass distribution easy and allows data providers to focus on providing data while the free market innovates lucrative ways to display and analyze that data. Firms should be willing to provide flexible terms to startups and competitive pricing to enterprises. If you believe your firm can compete in a world where financial data is affordable and easy to access, this is the marketplace for your data.

What types of data are we looking for?

  • Private Company Financials
  • Asian Fundamentals
  • European Fundamentals
  • Unique and non-traditional financial data sets
  • Mutual fund and ETF data

Our Stellar Data Providers

Working with our data partners below we strive to make financial data more accessible and affordable than ever before. Join us!

How can you join us?

Complete this form and our business development team will reach out to schedule a meeting to answer your technical questions and assuage any fears you have about the terms, conditions, and pricing of your data in the Intrinio Financial Data Marketplace.