Purchase US Stock Option Prices, 6 Years

Historical end of day (EOD) US option prices for all securities covered by OPRA. This includes coverage for all securities trading on the exchanges below:

BOX Options Exchange LLC, Cboe BZX Options Exchange, Inc., Cboe C2 Options Exchange, Incorporated, Cboe EDGX Options Exchange, Inc., Cboe Options Exchange, Incorporated, Miami International Securities Exchange, LLC, MIAX PEARL, LLC, Nasdaq BX, Inc., Nasdaq GEMX, LLC, Nasdaq ISE, LLC, Nasdaq MRX, LLC, Nasdaq PHLX LLC, The Nasdaq Stock Market LLC, NYSE American LLC, and NYSE Arca, Inc. 

Pricing data includes Close Price, Closing Bid, Closing Ask, Close Volume, Close Bid Volume, Close Ask Volume, Implied Volatility, Open Interest, Count of Daily Trades, and all other items seen here: US Option Data Items.

History is daily back to January 1st, 2012.

Usage of the data is subject to the Intrinio Data Download Non-Redistribution License

Below are the files you will receive upon purchase. The data will be in CSV format.

options_prices_2012-1.zip 160.9 MB
options_prices_2012-10.zip 59.3 MB
options_prices_2012-11.zip 26.7 MB
options_prices_2012-12.zip 246 Bytes
options_prices_2012-2.zip 159.8 MB
options_prices_2012-3.zip 175.7 MB
options_prices_2012-4.zip 161.2 MB
options_prices_2012-5.zip 184.4 MB
options_prices_2012-6.zip 162.5 MB
options_prices_2012-7.zip 84.4 MB
options_prices_2012-8.zip 244 Bytes
options_prices_2012-9.zip 244 Bytes
options_prices_2013-1.zip 244 Bytes
options_prices_2013-11.zip 219.4 MB
options_prices_2013-2.zip 87 MB
options_prices_2013-3.zip 4.3 MB
options_prices_2013-4.zip 196.1 MB
options_prices_2013-6.zip 188.9 MB
options_prices_2013-8.zip 210.9 MB
options_prices_2014-1.zip 235.5 MB
options_prices_2014-2.zip 220.4 MB
options_prices_2014-3.zip 248 MB
options_prices_2014-6.zip 255.4 MB
options_prices_2014-7.zip 273.6 MB
options_prices_2014-9.zip 270.6 MB
options_prices_2015-12.zip 307.9 MB
options_prices_2015-2.zip 253.9 MB
options_prices_2015-3.zip 298.8 MB
options_prices_2015-4.zip 290.5 MB
options_prices_2015-6.zip 294.7 MB
options_prices_2015-7.zip 302.2 MB
options_prices_2016-1.zip 273.1 MB
options_prices_2016-11.zip 293.1 MB
options_prices_2016-12.zip 290.8 MB
options_prices_2016-2.zip 289.3 MB
options_prices_2016-3.zip 311.5 MB
options_prices_2016-4.zip 295.6 MB
options_prices_2016-6.zip 299.9 MB
options_prices_2016-7.zip 276.3 MB
options_prices_2016-8.zip 312 MB
options_prices_2016-9.zip 284.3 MB
options_prices_2017-1.zip 274.9 MB
options_prices_2017-10.zip 323 MB
options_prices_2017-11.zip 313.5 MB
options_prices_2017-12.zip 294.9 MB
options_prices_2017-2.zip 244.9 MB
options_prices_2017-3.zip 312.9 MB
options_prices_2017-4.zip 249.4 MB
options_prices_2017-5.zip 318.8 MB
options_prices_2017-6.zip 313.9 MB
options_prices_2017-7.zip 281.1 MB
options_prices_2017-8.zip 328.6 MB
options_prices_2017-9.zip 289.4 MB
options_prices_2018-1.zip 318 MB
options_prices_2018-10.zip 386.8 MB
options_prices_2018-11.zip 336.3 MB
options_prices_2018-12.zip 237.8 MB
options_prices_2018-2.zip 298.6 MB
options_prices_2018-3.zip 327.8 MB
options_prices_2018-4.zip 325.5 MB
options_prices_2018-5.zip 341.5 MB
options_prices_2018-6.zip 322.8 MB
options_prices_2018-7.zip 328.1 MB
options_prices_2018-8.zip 359.7 MB
options_prices_2018-9.zip 304.9 MB
options_prices_2019-1.zip 160.3 MB
options_prices_2019-2.zip 87.7 MB


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